Uptime, Performance, and Network Confidence.

Over the past 5 years, the Ethica team has been working tirelessly to simplify a historically complex solution: Critical Internet Resiliency. 
For ISPs, adding critically resilient infrastructure will drive new sales, increase existing clients satisfaction, all while reducing ongoing support costs.  For most businesses, being offline, even temporarily is unacceptable. No matter how fast or stable any one link is, it can fail. Whether you sell fibre, wireless or copper connectivity, to compete in this Cloud-first environment, there must be resiliency built-in to all connectivity services.    
CloudAccess from Ethica is a plug and play solution for service providers enabling a fast, stable and always-on internet experience for your customers. 


Growing your footprint, growing your brand.

We partner with ISPs to enable critical resilientcy in their service offereings.  We provide the software, training and ongoing support to ensure ISPs drive new revenues, ensure customer satisfaction and reduce support costs.  

Our reach is global, and our mission is to eliminate network downtime entirely – giving users network peace-of-mind and enabling more communities to do more online.

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