Backup Internet Connections

CloudAccess enables lossless Backup Internet connectivity to create high availability networks for business customers who cannot tolerate downtime

Outages affect customers that rely on the cloud to accept cashless payments, receive and process online orders, stream video, make and receive voice calls, provide customer Wi-Fi, and more.

With CloudAccess, ISPs can provide backup internet connections to any customer and deliver nearly 100% network uptime through seamless, same-IP failover.

Backup Internet Connections

Stay Online. Keep your business running. Use CloudAccess for Backup Internet

Two connections, double the uptime. By strategically combining multiple Internet connections from different providers, CloudAccess delivers more uptime than just a single connection.

how Backup Internet connections work

Backup Internet Connections – Standby 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G Backup

Add cellular connectivity in standby mode with a primary wireline Internet connection. CloudAccess SDN technology automatically recognizes when there is a disruption to your wireline connection and seamlessly keeps your business applications connected with your cellular connection. Once the primary wireline connection becomes active, your cellular backup reverts to Standby. This saves customer data-usage and keeps them ready for the next emergency.

Provide 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G connectivity as standby links and eliminate downtime.

Mobile Backup Internet Connections

Why offer CloudAccess Backup Internet Connections?

Depending on how long it takes to get back online, downtime can bring significant financial and reputational costs. Based on industry surveys, analyst firm Gartner suggests the cost of downtime is $5,600/minute, which extrapolates to well over $300K/hour. This downtime is serious, organizations rely on cloud app infrastructures for communications, point of sale systems, online ordering and more.

CloudAccess White Label SDN Technology offers reliable connectivity to your customers at broadband prices. Provide your customers with true network confidence.


  • Eliminate downtime and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Same IP failover for session persistent applications
  • Mobile/cellular standby connectivity – prevent data overage costs
  • Diverse carrier compatible – sell your connection(s) on top of existing carrier connections
  • Standby failover to multiple connections –1Gbps fiber failover to two 500Mbps cable connections for consistent 1Gbps throughput


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Don’t let existing contracts prevent you from making a sale

Win business and provide backup Internet to new customers already under contract with other carriers.

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With more professional services and devices relying on the Internet, Backup Internet Connectivity solutions allow you to maximize network uptime for your customers.

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