Cash Only, our Internet is Down 🙁

Jan 15, 2020Backup Internet Connections, Failover

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another: You find yourself trying to pay for something with your credit or debit card, but the vendor can’t process your payment cards because their Internet is down.

Just last month, I was sitting in my barber’s chair getting my holiday-seasons haircut when I overheard a complaint coming from the cashier.

“Our internet is down, and we can’t access our appointments or use the payment machine.”


barber shop internet down

Unfortunately, I had no cash on me and my barber actually had to let me leave with a free haircut. Awkward for both of us, but most unfortunate for my barber. It wasn’t even the first time it had happened to him either. Sound familiar?

High-Availability Internet for all businesses

Businesses of all sizes rely on cloud applications to perform day-to-day business operations. Whether it’s payment gateways, food delivery apps (Uber Eats, Foodora, etc.), or in this case – staffing/scheduling apps, the need for reliable Internet is crucial to a business’s success. But with limited broadband options available to some businesses, the option to purchase reliable connectivity can be out of reach…Until now.

Your Business. Always-on.

CloudAccess ensures your business is always-on by smartly combining multiple Internet connections to a CloudAccess device and deliver up-time no single connection can provide. For example, with CloudAccess my barber can keep his existing cable broadband connected to a CloudAccess device, providing Internet for his payment and booking software. He can now connect a second Internet connection such as an LTE by tethering his phone or a dedicated mobile hotspot modem.

When his cable broadband goes down, his backup mobile connection activates Instantly, keeping his Internet connected with no downtime whatsoever. Once his cable broadband comes back online, the mobile hotspot will be put on standby and business can continue uninterrupted. In fact, he may not even know he had an outage.

how Failover works

With CloudAccess, using two or more different Internet connections ensures that your network is always-on. Business owners can achieve nearly 100% network up-time with CloudAccess and multiple Internet connections. Now, less well-provisioned rural area businesses can achieve high-availability Internet.

Consider the impact downtime has on your business:



What does downtime mean to your business?

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