Bonded Internet Connections

Using CloudAccess to bond internet connections is the easiest and most affordable way to scale network bandwidth.

With the rise of cloud services, customer bandwidth requirements have increased significantly. VoIP, video conferencing, and all manner of business technology is moving off premises, making Internet connectivity more important than ever.

CloudAccess delivers improved broadband network performance where the speed of existing connectivity is insufficient. Customers can combine multiple internet connections, aggregating their bandwidth into one super connection.

Double, triple, or quadruple your bandwidth

Bonded Internet Connections – How does it work?

Bonded Internet (also called channel bonding) is the ability to combine multiple broadband connections to a piece of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and outputs throughput of all connections as one.

Combine Cable + xDSL + Fiber = Full sum aggregation of download and upload


Bonded Internet Connections diagram

Cellular and Fixed Wireless Bonded Internet Connections – For Remote or Mobile Users

For customers in remote locations with insufficient broadband, CloudAccess allows you to bond multiple cellular 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G and fixed wireless connections to provide adequate bandwidth. Great for remote businesses, cottages, temporary construction offices, mobile homes, food trucks, and more.

Scale bandwidth with CloudAccess and solve customer requirements in almost any location or situation.

Why Provide CloudAccess Bonded Internet?

CloudAccess, our White Label SD-WAN Technology not only bonds multiple broadband connections, but also multiple carriers and networks, introducing true diversity. This translates to high availability with automatic failover protecting your customers from core outages.



  • Combine any broadband connection type
  • Combine broadband with differentiating throughput
  • Combine mobile/cellular/wireless connections
  • Combine diverse carriers
  • Add redundancy with Diverse Network connectivity combinations

Introduce Bonded Internet to any business with bandwidth or connectivity struggles

Introduce your own broadband connections to enhance existing connectivity for customers in need of bandwidth.

Don’t let existing contracts prevent you from making a sale

Win business and scale bandwidth for customers already under contract with other carriers.

Eliminate Downtime

For customers with poor connectivity, introduce Backup Internet Connections for redundancy with your own broadband connections.


With more professional services and devices relying on the Internet, Backup Internet Connections allows you to maximize bandwidth for your customers and guarantee uptime.

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