Your customers’ Empty Office means they need More Bandwidth

Jun 9, 2020 | Bonded Internet Connections, Channel Bonding

So your customers’ offices are empty, but that doesn’t mean they need less bandwidth. In fact, many need more.

Take our friends at a Toronto-based architect firm. With Covid-19, more than 80% of their staff are working remotely. Their business model consists of billable hours, so those employees need to be productive and need to access files at head office.

With 25 staff using VPNs to connect, the download and upload bandwidth requirements on their head-office (where those files and applications are hosted) have increased substantially. Their broadband usage has flipped on its head – whereas people were pulling and working on files locally, the network needed only to host downloads in the form of online research, Office 365 and the like. Now, the network has to handle each employee actually pulling down data from their servers.

barber shop internet down

But speed isn’t the only issue now. With so many people requiring access at the same time, an internet outage is now a complete disruption to revenue (again, those billable hours) and causes significant disruptions to project timelines, lost work due to sync-ing issues, and more.

Remote Employees + On-Premises Files and Applications = New Bandwidth Requirements

So what does all of this mean? It means the head office is becoming the data center, and there’s a need for more bandwidth to be able to improve employee productivity. Where before users were accessing files over the LAN, network requirements have to consider the bandwidth in and out of the office. The same new network requirements exist for any business customers that have remote employees.

What to do?

We’ve built a one-page case study for you to share with your customers to explain how you can bond multiple Internet connections to their offices and deliver the additional bandwidth they need – either permanently or temporarily. Example Customers: Architecture firms, graphic design firms, video services, tele-faith organizations, tele-health customers – and any other customers whose employees need to access on-premises files and applications to do their jobs.

Want more?

Watch in the video below how we take two 1xGbps connections and bond them to deliver 1.7Gbps symmetrically (on a sub-$1000 device, no less).

There’s no cost to a service provider to demo, test, or build their CloudAccess infrastructure. Ethica can have you up and operational in less than an hour, so you can install the service for your customers today.

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