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Backup Internet Connections

Backup Internet Connections – How it works

By strategically combining multiple Internet connections from different networks or carriers, CloudAccess delivers more uptime than just a single connection. The system recognizes network outages and re-routes traffic instantly to backup or standby connections, avoiding service interruptions.


how Backup Internet connections work

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Bonded Internet Connectivity for SMB and Residential – How does it work?

The CloudAccess technology creates a tunnel or VPN made up of multiple internet connections. By combining the connections into a single tunnel, the technology can route individual data packets across either of the connections – increasing the overall bandwidth available to the transmission.

But all you really need to know is that it’s quick. Really quick.

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Ideal for Remote Locations

Cellular and Fixed Wireless Bonded Internet Connections

Rural locations (like cottage country) with insufficient broadband can take advantage of CloudAccess. Bond Multiple Cellular 3G, 4G, LTE  and fixed wireless connections with any landline (DSL) that may be available. “Zoom” with confidence, knowing you have the bandwidth you need to work from anywhere.

With CloudAccess, high-speed internet services can be available in almost any location or situation.