Three easy ways to improve your VoIP

May 18, 2022Backup Internet Connections, Bonded Internet Connections, Internet Quality of Service

High quality Internet-based telephony has never been more important than it is today. As more organizations move to cloud-based solutions, many of which include VoIP functionality, it’s safe to say that the future of telephony is VoIP. And the future of VoIP is SDN. At Ethica, this is something we think about a lot. Our CloudAccess product is designed to give you network confidence by allowing you to fail over seamlessly between connections, adding redundancy, and enabling quality of service functionality not possible with traditional networking solutions.

So how can CloudAccess improve your VoIP experience?

1. Increase network bandwidth 

Let’s start with bandwidth. You’re not alone on your network these days. With cloud services exploding in popularity and the amount of data transferred growing every day, your precious voice packets are driving down a highway that’s busier than ever. With CloudAccess, you can bond multiple connections and realize more total bandwidth. Just like a wider highway can accommodate more vehicles at the same time and reduce congestion, adding additional links using CloudAccess’s bonding capabilities will help more of your packets get through, arrive in order, reduce tail drop, and decrease latency. Gone are the days of muffled, garbled, oft-dropped VoIP calls. We’re now in the era of plentiful bandwidth. Times are good.

improving VoIP experiences with bandwidth

2. Add redundancy to your network.

But what if you have an unreliable internet connection? CloudAccess can help with that too. We know all too well that Internet connections aren’t perfect. They sometimes fail and providers will often charge an arm and a leg (we’re even hearing stories about some providers charging two legs, what with inflation) for business connections that come with uptime guarantees. With CloudAccess, though, you don’t need to go there. You can add redundancy with seamless failover. Normal dual-WAN connections don’t fail traffic over seamlessly—sessions are dropped and some take more than a minute to detect an outage and execute a failover. A minute doesn’t sound like a long time, but it’s an eternity when you’re on a voice call. You can try this at home. Call someone and mute yourself for a full minute. You’ll see what we mean.

improving VoIP experiences with redundancy

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with CloudAccess. When looking for redundancy, you’ll want to look for session-persistent or stateful failover. With CloudAccess, despite using multiple Internet connections, the customer’s IP address doesn’t change on failover – the call is never dropped. Failover happens in 150ms, not a minute. You can try this too. Mute yourself for 150ms. Nobody else will even notice what’s happened.

improving VoIP experiences failover-how-it-works

3. Add bi-directional QoS 

Finally, there’s QoS. A critical component of QoS is effective network management that generally takes the form of traffic shaping and prioritization. You might think “I’m only on a single site. I don’t care about traffic shaping in particular or QoS in general.” But you would be wrong. CloudAccess allows you to prioritize traffic within your bonded tunnel so that those critical VoIP packets are pushed to the front of the line and the less sensitive traffic (YouTube videos your staff watch while bored, mostly) are given a lower priority. If you’ve ever experience voice quality issues because of other traffic, CloudAccess is your cost-effective, low-stress solution.

improving VoIP experiences with QoS

CloudAccess and VoIP are a match made in heaven

There you have it. CloudAccess and VoIP are a match made in heaven—if you care about more bandwidth, redundancy, and traffic-shaping, of course. Don’t believe us? Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it. Come see for yourself. Book a demonstration and we’ll show you how CloudAccess can enable seamless failover between connections and preserve a voice session. Check it out today!

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