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May 8, 2023 – GLCloud Connect (GLCC) and ethica Revolutionize the VoIP Market with CloudAccess Integration

GLCloudConnect (GLCC), a leading provider of internet voice and unified communications services, has partnered with ethica to integrate CloudAccess into its UCaaS and CCaaS offerings.
This integration revolutionizes the VoIP market by adding network management over customer provided internet circuits.

GLCC has already established itself as a Canadian leader in this industry through its integration of PSTN connectivity with its internet voice tool sets. With CloudAccess, GLCC now offers voice application prioritization, which sends identified traffic through an express tunnel directly to the network operations center (NOC), ensuring voice and SIP traffic gets the highest priority. For businesses with no access to high-speed broadband connections, GLCC can now layer on bonding to ensure an enterprise grade voice experience regardless of underlying internet sources.
CloudAccess provides critical resiliency by offering same-IP failover, ensuring that no single internet failure will affect a customer’s voice or video call. Encryption is also available, securing voice and video communications with no impact on voice quality.

“We are excited to partner with ethica and integrate CloudAccess into our UCaaS and CCaaS offerings,” said Essie Nouraee, VP of GLCloudConnect. “With the addition of CloudAccess, we can now prioritize voice and SIP traffic, providing our customers with an unmatched solution in the VoIP market. Our resale partners can leverage CloudAccess for complete visibility and management of customer provided internet circuits, driving down support costs while increasing customer satisfaction.”

Brad Lagassé, Managing Director of ethica, added, “We are thrilled to partner with GLCloudConnect and deliver CloudAccess to its customers. Our integration empowers GLCC’s customers with enterprise grade voice experiences regardless of their size or geographic location. We are confident that our partnership with GLCloudConnect will revolutionize the VoIP market.”

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April 27th, 2023 – Whipcord announces hosting partnership with ethica

Whipcord Edge Data Centers Inc., a leading Canadian data centre service provider, and ethica, a software company and creator of CloudAccess, have announced a strategic partnership to provide customers with expanded connectivity solutions. Under the partnership, ethica will leverage Whipcord Edge’s industry-leading facilities & cross Canada network to host CloudAccess for reseller partners who do not have their own data centre. This will enable ethica to extend its connectivity solutions to a wider range of customers who require reliable and secure cloud services.
In addition, Whipcord Edge will collaborate with ethica to test the CloudAccess solution and develop unique offerings for its existing customer base. This partnership will allow Whipcord Edge to provide customers with greater flexibility and choice in their connectivity solutions.
“We are excited to partner with Whipcord Edge to deliver innovative connectivity solutions to our growing list of MSP partners,” said Alan Zimmermann, CEO of ethica. “Whipcord Edge’s industry-leading data centre facilities will enable us to provide reliable and secure cloud services to more customers. This partnership allows us to leverage our respective strengths to deliver connectivity solutions that meet the needs of our customers.”
Joe Damiani, CEO of Whipcord Edge, added, “We are delighted to work with the ethica team and offerings. This partnership will allow both organizations to provide customers with a broader range of secure, reliable, and accessible solutions. Working together presents an opportunity to deliver even more innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their business outcomes.”

About Whipcord Edge
Whipcord Edge is a Canadian Managed Infrastructure Provider delivering mission-critical data protection services from our Western and Eastern data centres over our cross-country network. With over 15 years experience, our customers trust us to protect their data with the services and resilient infrastructure to support their business initiatives.
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About ethica
ethica is a networking intelligence software company and creator of CloudAccess, a software-defined networking solution that securely and reliably connects businesses to cloud services. ethica’s innovative solutions are designed to deliver best-in-class internet connectivity solutions for the masses by providing secure, reliable, and accessible internet access.
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March 20, 2023 – ethica takes analytics to the next level with CA Pulse

Toronto, Canada – ethica, an innovative software start-up delivering network intelligence and resilient internet connectivity, has launched CA Pulse, a proprietary analytics and reporting tool designed to enhance the management of CloudAccess, ethica’s flagship Software Defined Networking offering.

“After extensive conversations with our customers and prospective partners, we decided to invest a large portion of development expertise into satisfying their biggest request, actionable data analytics.” explained, Alan Zimmermann, CEO of ethica.

CA Pulse provides secure access to advanced analytic tools, enabling users to review real-time and historical site data. Partners can enjoy the ultimate flexibility with CA Pulse by pulling all analytics into their own dashboard via available API calls or using the CloudAccess interface. Importantly, CloudAccess will alert end users as well as partners if network access issues arise via SMS or email. No longer will businesses be caught off guard when their internet access is compromised.

“CA Pulse is a intuitive tool that will empower our customers to make data-driven decisions that optimize their network,” said Paul Marley, Director Software Engineering for ethica. “The real-time and historical traffic analytics provided by CA Pulse will allow our customers to troubleshoot and optimize their networks with ease.”

CA Pulse, provides CloudAccess users insights they need to make informed decisions about their networks,” explained Alan Zimmermann, CEO of ethica. “We are excited to see the impact this tool will have on our customers’ businesses.”

About ethica:

ethica is an innovative Canadian tech startup that offers internet connectivity infrastructure to companies of all sizes, enabling them to compete in the digital economy. ethica’s CloudAccess software platform operates on a white label channel model delivering edge intelligence software for their partners.  This software allows partners to integrate key features such as critical resiliency, application management, secured access, and link bonding into all their business-grade services. By leveraging ethica’s advanced platform, service providers can enhance their offerings and deliver best practice connectivity solutions to their customers.

CA Pulse is now available for use for all existing partners by visiting

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March 15, 2023 – iTel Networks and ethica Join Forces to Bring Next-Generation Internet Access to Customers

iTel Networks, a leading provider of business internet and telecommunications services, is pleased to announce its partnership with ethica, a prominent software-defined networking (SDN) solutions provider. The partnership will bring CloudAccess, ethica’s flagship SDN service, to iTel’s existing customer base, delivering reliable and secure next-generation internet access.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ethica to offer our customers access to CloudAccess,” said Dan Rink, CEO of iTel. “Their innovative technology aligns with our commitment to providing reliable, secure, and high-performance internet services. We’re excited to continue enhancing our offerings through this partnership.”

CloudAccess is designed to simplify network management, optimize network performance, and improve network security, allowing businesses to easily and efficiently manage their network infrastructure. By partnering with ethica, iTel can offer its customers a comprehensive SDN solution that delivers real-time network visibility, flexibility, and scalability.  “We’re excited to expand our reach in Canada through iTel,” said Alan Zimmermann, CEO of ethica. “iTel is a great company that shares our vision of delivering reliable and secure internet services to customers. We look forward to leveraging our partnership to help more businesses in Canada access the next-generation internet.”

About iTel: 

Founded in 2009, iTel Networks is one of the fastest-growing players in the Canadian Telecommunication Industry. With the largest aggregated business internet, voice and data network in Canada, iTel’s “network of networks” connects every known carrier from coast to coast – and is expanding internationally into the US and beyond.

About ethica:

ethica is a software-defined networking (SDN) solutions provider that offers a range of innovative products and services to businesses worldwide. Its flagship service, CloudAccess, simplifies network management, optimizes network performance, and improves network security, enabling businesses to easily and efficiently manage their network infrastructure.

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