New Entrant into the SDN space removes management requirements altogether.

Apr 1, 2019Press

Ethica Channel Enablement Inc. announces its plans to eke out marketshare in the increasingly popular SDN space

Ethica Channel Enablement Inc., a young SDN company started by a few veterans of the space, understood that the key to a sustainable product was to create as much of a hands-off experience for customers and distribution partners as possible. What they’ve created is astonishingly brave.

SDN, touted by most as the “next big thing” in Networking, is the ability to more smartly and efficiently leverage WAN/Internet links and software to create cost-saving networking solutions that are easier to deploy and manage than traditional Wide Area Networks.

“Everyone’s pitching peace-of-mind and customization these days,” explains Cameron Couch, Ethica’s CEO. “We’re always trying to elevate our thinking – future proofing our product at every turn. We looked at all of the time-saving features available in the market and thought ‘why not just eliminate all of the work entirely. So we largely did.'”

What the small company produced was profound and game-changing. For instance, their approach to firewall functionality was unprecedented. Not wanting too much praise for his team’s forward thinking, Couch continues “We started with a really robust firewall configuration, that had some really specific rules in it, and stripped them out.” Now, the company boasts that is has one of the most secure firewalls in existence. “It was really simple, when it came down to it. We just simply wrote inbound and outbound policies to deny access by any traffic type to any source or destination on every port. And voila!”

There were other places where the company wanted to eliminate any manual effort placed on the involved parties. “When it comes down to it, one of SDN’s driving value proposition is improved uptime for the WAN. Everyone’s working with LTE failover and the like, but we simply built every system to leverage 6G out of the box. It’s faster and is going to be way more available than 5G is now. In fact, we’re so convinced that 6G is the path forward, that we don’t even support 5G in the orchestrator (their web-based application) anymore. It’s yesterday’s news.” states Rohito Bhambhani, Ethica’s Front-End Development Lead. “Our team just basically looked at all of the types of WAN links we could support, and thought ‘what’s next? What can we do that’ll make things so easy for everyone?'”

Decisions about nearly all of the product’s development followed a simple tenet: Eliminate Unnecessary workloads. When they had to make a choice for operating system, they opted for Debian 13 over the much more common Debian 8. Asked about the decision, VP of Technology Michael Werneburg stated “It wasn’t easy architecting our product for such a significant amount of forward-compatibility – especially considering how much of a moving target Debian 11 is – but we wanted to make sure our deployment partners weren’t going to be inconvenienced by having to upgrade the Operating Systems for at least a couple of decades.”

The product-related decisions aren’t the only significant step forward for the young company. Leveraging third-party technologies, the company has moved from a centralized call centre to a decentralized model – significantly decentralized. “It wasn’t anything as spectacular as what’s come out of the R&D side of the business,” states Bryan Jin, Ethica’s General Manager, speaking of his work on the post-sales side of the business. “We knew we didn’t want to create a call centre mentality, so we opted to decentralize the model. We’ve been able to create an always-on one-way webcam to every node in the customer’s LAN. We’re listening to and watching everything they do, so we can quickly address any issues they have – sometimes as they’re having them.” When asked about the practice’s potential for being considered intrusive, Jin continues “well, we’ve seen some things, but we don’t talk out of class.”

Ethica is poised to launch this summer, and expectations are high that it will have a product and market strategy that meet the overwhelmingly high demand for SDN around the globe. Fore more information, please contact or visit to sign up to their mailing list.


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