SDN for the Home Worker

In today’s economy, more people than ever are working from home. Video conferencing, VoIP calling, file sharing, and cloud collaboration are just a few ways freelancers and employees interact and perform their jobs from home. Internet quality and reliability are top of mind as network disruptions and performance issues can become intolerable.

CloudAccess SDN for the home worker is a new offering available for anyone in need of more bandwidth, higher quality streaming, and reliable Internet at home.

Reacting in times of change

COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on work and social life. Businesses of all sizes globally have asked employees to work from home as governments implement social distancing rules.

As a result, the whole family is using the home network, mixing YouTube with Teams, and Netflix with SharePoint. Everyone is competing for bandwidth, increasing traffic.

Service providers are seeing a degradation in connection quality and users are experiencing quality issues when using applications or collaborating.

CloudAccess is the answer.


SDN for the Home Worker – Quality of Service over Broadband

For home workers, sharing their network with other users can be challenging. Completing a video conference confidently while others stream Netflix or download files is essential. Most households have adequate bandwidth, but apps compete and can unfairly prioritize their functions in your network.

SDN for the Home Worker QoS

CloudAccess SDN sets traffic priorities in your network from all devices and assigns them in order of importance. This Quality of Service cleans up your broadband traffic by assigning bandwidth to top priority applications such as Zoom, Meet, Teams and VoIP, while limiting other bandwidth-hungry apps. The result is crystal clear videoconferencing and VoIP calls despite the network traffic.

SDN for the Home Worker – Backup Internet 3G, 4G/LTE or 5G

Residential broadband can be spotty at times. Professionals working from home have resorted to mobile tethering for conferencing, delivering presentations and sending/receiving documents. These untimely interruptions happen often, making these work from home situations difficult or unreliable.

SDN for the Home Worker videoconferencing-frustration
SDN for the Home Worker ethica-high-availability-failover

CloudAccess SDN provides users with backup connectivity. Combine an existing broadband connection with a standby mobile connection using 3G, 4G/LTE, or 5G. A standby connection activates seamlessly when the primary broadband link suddenly drops, ensuring connectivity is not lost. A standby connection will continue to send traffic over the Internet without any interruptions to voice calls, video calls, or VPN sessions. Once the primary link becomes active, the standby link reverts to standby mode, ready for the next emergency.

SDN for the Home Worker – Bonded Internet Connections for more Bandwidth

For some freelancers or employees working from home, access to sufficient broadband can be a problem. Some areas only have access to low-performing broadband connections with no other carrier options available.


CloudAccess solves this problem by combining multiple Internet connections of any type to increase bandwidth. For example, combine two DSL connections and aggregate their upload and download bandwidth.

Combine any broadband type such as cable + xDSL + fiber = full sum aggregation of download and upload.

If your business needs better performance, contact us and we'll find you a provider.

Service Providers looking to get into the SD-WAN game

Until now, the advantages of SD-WAN have been mostly confined to enterprise and Fortune-500 companies. CloudAccess was created to benefit small and medium businesses by providing reliable connectivity at broadband prices.


White Label SD-WAN Technology

CloudAccess White Label SD-WAN Technology software is easy to test and deploy for ISPs looking to get into the growing SD-WAN market.

  • No start-up fees. Simple, per-site pricing.
  • Priced for the under-served market – priced for service providers.

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