SDN for the Remote Business

Make the most of what’s available

Whether you’re in relative isolation or just on the outskirts of town, you might not have access to the bandwidth you need.

If bandwidth is a struggle, CloudAccess can help you multiply your available bandwidth by combining the connections available to you today.


SDN for the Remote Business – Bonded Internet

Bandwidth starved? Rural broadband is slow to catch up with urban connectivity. As businesses and farms try to adopt to new technologies available through the Internet, they bump up against broadband’s limitations. CloudAccess allows you to scale bandwidth using the connectivity you have available now.

SDN for the Remote Business - bonded internet

Businesses in remote locations with insufficient broadband can use CloudAccess to bond multiple cellular 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G and fixed wireless connections to provide high-speed broadband.

SDN for the Remote Business – Backup Internet

In rural locations, fixed wireless connections are often unreliable. LTE or 3G might be a better alternative but those come with data caps and don’t make good primary Internet options.

With CloudAccess, a fixed wireless connection can be backed up by an LTE connection. The LTE will be set to standby meaning that if the fixed connection cuts out, the LTE activates seamlessly. Once the fixed connection comes back online, the LTE connection returns to standby mode, saving data.

SDN for the Remote Business – Ending the Digital Divide

According to Microsoft, 163 million Americans don’t have adequate broadband Internet speeds. In Canada, 63% of rural areas suffer from a lack of broadband connectivity. In both countries, residents rely on local schools, libraries, and even fast food restaurants to access the Internet.

Ethica is working with regional ISPs to create new broadband options with existing connectivity infrastructure. We want to bring SDN features to the most remote users, working along side some of the most dedicated ISPs to close the digital divide.

Microsoft data indicates 162.8M people do not use the Internet at broadband speeds

SDN for the Remote Business US-broadband-map

If your business needs better performance, contact us and we'll find you a provider.

Service Providers looking to get into the SD-WAN game

Until now, the advantages of SD-WAN have been mostly confined to enterprise and Fortune-500 companies. CloudAccess was created to benefit small and medium businesses by providing reliable connectivity at broadband prices.


White Label SD-WAN Technology

CloudAccess White Label SD-WAN Technology software is easy to test and deploy for ISPs looking to get into the growing SD-WAN market.

  • No start-up fees. Simple, per-site pricing.
  • Priced for the under-served market – priced for service providers.

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