Small Business SDN and the Nano-enterprise

Feb 4, 2022CloudAccess Products, Nano Enterprise, Small Business

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and, here at Ethica, we have a special affection for the smaller ones. This is part one of our series on the unique needs of small businesses. When we say “nano-enterprise” what we’re really talking about are those tiny businesses that have 0-9 employees and a single site (usually). These organizations have unique needs, so let’s talk about those!

The challenges without Small Business SDN for a Nano Enterprise

Let’s face it—it’s not easy being small. Nano-entrepreneurs are responsible for strategic decision-making, day-to-day operations, brewing the beer, arguing in court, cooking the food, dealing with the general public, doing the accounting—oh, and IT. They also have to do IT. But they might not want to do IT or fully understand its value. Most accountants or lawyers don’t get into their respective fields because they want to learn networking. Raise your hand if this describes you…

Small Business SDN for Nano Enterprise

Small Business SDN for a Nano Enterprise – There isn’t a whole lot of IT “expertise”

This skills distribution leads to a couple of common challenges. For starters, your nano-entrepreneur is going to have a lot on his/her plate. These tiny organizations aren’t built with robust support groups in mind, and most basic or managed solutions. On a related note, depending on the type of industry, there isn’t a whole lot of IT “expertise” floating around. That’s not a criticism—again, most entrepreneurs have other priorities and are proficient in getting what they need out of tech. But there’s always an opportunity to improve. Finally, there’s the money issue. In many cases, nano-entrepreneurs aren’t playing with a lot of money, and any money they spend on your services is money they’re not kicking back into their business (as they see it) or taking home. That might be the biggest challenge.

How can these nano-enterprises make best use of technology and optimize their funds?

  • Focus on the business problem to be solved. If a nano-entrepreneur runs a restaurant, they should understand how technology can improve the guest experience. Highlight the importance of digital menus and the ability to process credit cards and other digital payments. Nobody carries cash anymore. Uptime is crucial, otherwise that meal or haircut might end up being free—or very inconvenient for the customer.
  • CloudAccess service is often bundled as part of a broader offering. Many resellers choose to Layer CloudAccess into connectivity service offerings for an additional $20/month, bringing managed connectivity, traffic shaping, and, of course, better uptime. CloudAccess will help you access the cloud (mind-blowing, we know).
  • CloudAccess is cheap relative to alternative solutions because it is made for small businesses. The pricing model reflects a sensitivity to cost that is not shared by the enterprise. For cheap, effective connectivity, look no further than CloudAccess.

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Conclusion SDN is not just for Enterprise

Nano-entrepreneurs face unique needs and challenges. With CloudAccess, you can provide simple, effective connectivity for this unique category of business. Remember, network confidence isn’t just for the enterprise!

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