Small Business SDN and the Mini-Enterprise

Mar 3, 2022CloudAccess Products, Mini Enterprise, SD-WAN, Small Business

Small enterprises aren’t a monolith. Here at Ethica, we’re concerned that standard business typologies gloss over some of the important differences in small enterprises of different sizes, lumping sole proprietorships in with 80-person companies. We aim to change that with our small business framework. If you haven’t already had a chance, you should check it out! This post will focus on what we’re calling the “small business SDN mini-enterprise,” the largest of the small enterprise category, with between 50 and 99 employees. We’ll talk about who they are, what distinguishes them, and how CloudAccess can help them achieve everything they’ve ever dreamed of—and more!

The Small Business Mini Enterprise

First things first, the mini-enterprise is characterized by some real scale. You’ll be dealing with a large location or several smaller ones, and the owner/operator will almost certainly have delegated at least some authority for purchasing. Here you can expect to find an IT leader, possibly even a small team (2-3 all in wouldn’t be unusual) and some advanced skills might come into play. Think a mid-sized law firm, a chain of stores, a boutique consultancy on an upward trajectory—these are but a few examples. With dedicated staff come a dedicated budget and the opportunity to work some real technical magic. No more basic, consumer-grade solutions—at this stage of a business’s lifecycle it’s all about business-focused solutions.

CloudAccess Features
SDN for Small Business

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Small Business SDN for mini Enterprise

Small Business SDN for a Mini Enterprise – No more basic, consumer-grade solutions

What are some challenges that the mini-enterprise faces? An obvious one is a skills/needs mismatch. Organizations at this size are not well-served by major vendors, who prefer to chase larger organizations that are generally wealthier. But they are also more sophisticated (usually) than their smaller cousins. This is relevant because they may be dealing with needs that outstrip their IT capabilities, outgrowing their legacy, ad hoc setups. Sitting in the uncomfortable middle ground between tiny startup and established medium/large enterprise, these organizations may also have difficulty affording the tools and staff they need to run their operations. Thankfully, there’s CloudAccess, which can help with networking challenges.

How can CloudAccess help?

If any of this resonates with you, you should consider the key value propositions of CloudAccess technology. Compared to the enterprise providers you’ll be competing with, CloudAccess is affordable, simple, and effective. Some food for thought:

  • Affordable: compared to cloud-based SDN solutions, CloudAccess is really affordable. It’s often hosted by local ISPs and bundled into standard connectivity offerings at a reasonable rate. You’re unlikely to find a more cost effective SDN solution than CloudAccess..
  • Simple: CloudAccess can be managed using a web-based Orchestrator tool. No advanced networking knowledge is required from your client’s IT staff to run the environment, and it provides real time performance dashboards and alerting to make managing connectivity easy.
  • Effective: as more applications move off customer premises and into the cloud, a secure, consistent connection becomes more necessary than ever. CloudAccess provides this by allowing customers to bond multiple connections to ensure maximum throughput, shape traffic to prioritize key services, and manage failover to ensure business continuity in the event of a connection interruption.

Conclusion SDN is not just for Enterprise

There you have it. CloudAccess fills a niche in the small enterprise space that has been neglected by major SDN providers. At the same time, it offers the advanced functionality that mini-enterprises need to thrive in the modern, cloud-based economy. CloudAccess means network confidence. Are you confident in your network?

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