Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SDN)

CloudAccess Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SDN) is a deployment model of CloudAccess that allows businesses with multiple branch locations to use public broadband connections in any combination – including Fiber, Cellular, Fixed Wireless, Cable and xDSL – to securely connect to each other into a private WAN.

Each branch can be brought into a WAN simply through the CloudAccess SDN Orchestrator to manage rules and connectivity between sites. WAN users at one branch can access resources from other WAN branches on different subnets.

Hundreds of sites, one controller

SDN securely connects users to any application whether hosted at a data center, in the cloud or on local servers/computers across public broadband Internet connections.

Software Defined Wide Area Network Topology

Traditional router-centric WAN architectures are a thing of the past. SDN is designed to connect multiple branch locations, home workers, remote users, and mobile offices anywhere in the world over broadband connections. With SDN, users can now access remote applications located in public or private clouds, while experiencing rich application performance and control of SaaS services such as UCaaS and Office 365.

CloudAccess software-defined wide area networks

How does SDN work?

CloudAccess SDN Technology uses a centralized controller to drive traffic intelligently across the WAN. By driving traffic intelligently, users experience improved application performance in the WAN across all branches. Each branch location can have multiple Internet connections for redundancy and/or bandwidth, along with added features such as quality of service for priority application assurance and encryption for secure transport.

The result? Increased business productivity, efficiency, and reduced IT costs.

SDN Remote Control with an Orchestrator

Orchestration and automation are key to deploying and managing your SDN customers. When businesses deploy new applications, or when QoS or security policy changes are required, CloudAccess SDN Technology provides a means to quickly, easily, and remotely update branch office configurations. Configure customer sites remotely, and make required changes to multiple sites in minutes instead of weeks or months.


Managing SDN deployments remotely

Software Defined Wide Area Network – Alternative to MPLS

MPLS will always be in demand for businesses to meet specific connectivity requirements. MPLS is particularly useful to deliver legacy WANs, but it’s very expensive for small businesses. SDN does away with dedicated line routing and instead uses software to determine optimal routes for traffic over affordable broadband connections.


SDN is a great alternative to MPLS because management and deployment can be configured remotely.

  • Change routing rules to single or multiple sites in minutes
  • Use inexpensive hardware at customer locations
  • Use available broadband connectivity at each branch location
  • Provide secure WAN access in remote locations
  • Quality of Service for broadband
  • Bonded Internet Connectivity for increased bandwidth at branch locations
  • Backup Internet Connectivity using cellular networks ie: 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G

Software Defined Wide Area Network – Alternative to VPN

SDN makes a great alternative to managing site-to-site VPNs.  CloudAccess SDN is secure just like a VPN but comes with many more benefits:

  • No extra VPN software for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices
  • No per user VPN configuration
  • Quality of Service for broadband
  • Bonded Internet Connections increase bandwidth at locations which require more connectivity

Why offer CloudAccess Software Defined Wide Area Networks?

Until now, the advantages of SDN have only been attainable by enterprises and Fortune-500 companies. We believe the benefits of SDN should not be limited to those with deep pockets. CloudAccess is a white-labelled SDN platform for independent service providers to give SMB/E and remote work customers more options for connectivity.

CloudAccess is a White Label SDN Technology which means that providers can rebrand the service. CloudAccess resides in the providers’ infrastructure, using their own IP blocks, and can run on x86 hardware of varying CPUs and costs. ISPs can source their own hardware or purchase hardware from Ethica to help control costs.

Benefits of CloudAccess

  • White Label – use your own brand
  • Resides in the providers’ infrastructure
    Inexpensive hardware
  • Inexpensive hardware
  • Zero touch deployment
  • Remote configurations and management
  • Bonded Internet Connectivity for bandwidth
  • Backup Internet Connectivity for high availability
  • Site to site encryption
  • Quality of Service for critical applications


CloudAccess White Label SDN Technology software is easy to test and deploy for ISPs looking to get into the growing SDN market.

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