Critical resiliency, best practice for Internet Service Providers

Always On Internet

The availability and reliability of internet access is mission critical for any organization. A business that is offline, even for a short period, can suffer significant financial losses, damage to reputation, and loss of customer trust. To mitigate these risks, many businesses have implemented internet failover solutions, which automatically switch to a secondary internet connection when required. Failover can now be considered table stakes for any true business grade access.  The market now expects persistent access which can only be delivered through a same IP failover environment.  The following will define same IP failover as well as the reasons it is now considered best practice

Same IP failover is considered best practice as it enables a seamless transition between primary and secondary internet connections. With traditional internet failover solutions, the secondary connection uses a different IP address. Establishing a new IP address causes interruptions with many applications and services that rely on a consistent IP address. For example, VPN services may stop working, VOIP phone calls will drop, and DNS updates may take longer to propagate, causing websites and other services to be unavailable.  By using same IP internet failover, the transition between primary and secondary connections is transparent to both users and applications, ensuring no interruption in service. The affected business can continue to operate normally.

With this failover infrastructure in place, businesses leverage multiple internet connections of disparate media for increased redundancy and reliability. This eliminates the single point of failure risk while ensuring the business is always online, even in the event of a major service interruption.

Top 3 Reasons to add resilient infrastructure into your solution stack:
1. Aquire more, profitable customers
2. Keep existing customers happy through a better internet experience
3. Drive support costs down by trouble shooting service disruptions while your customer remains online

Adding CloudAccess from Ethica is a cost-effective way for service providers to implement an internet access best practice of layering critically redundant infrastructure and business continuity services into all their connectivity solutions.

Add Best Practices to your internet access solution stack


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