Five Questions you need to ask your SD-WAN Vendor

Jul 29, 2020Backup Internet Connections, Bonded Internet Connections, CloudAccess Products, SD-WAN

Internet Service Providers looking to provide their own whitelabel SD-WAN product have several criteria to meet when selecting their vendor. From technical questions regarding infrastructure and hardware, to efficiency and scale of your offerings, Ethica has narrowed down 5 questions you need to ask when selecting your SD-WAN vendor.


1. How many sites can a single SD-WAN controller run?

SD-WAN products require a controller/server at the center of their operations. This means that all sites connect to a controller creating a hub and spoke scenario. Considering each site requires throughput and processing managed by a controller, you will need to account for how many sites or end points a controller can handle.  This bring us back to the question – how many sites can a single SD-WAN controller run? We can’t be for sure but CloudAccess can handle 400 sites on a single $5000 server. This means you can maximize your ROI and Scale with low infrastructure costs.


2. What’s the max throughput of your tunnel?

SD-WAN products are great for combining Broadband connections to produce more bandwidth. With ever growing demand from apps and virtualization in today’s world, where is the safe zone when deciding on throughput capability? CloudAccess has demonstrated 2Gbps of bonded internet throughput which is more than enough to plan your offerings today and for many years to come. Make sure future demands of Cloud Apps and their users are met.

3. How much data is used on standby connections?

Standby link Data usage ping

For most SD-WAN vendors, the ability to failover to a standby connection requires constant monitoring of standby links and their heartbeats. Consider this when using cellular connections as standby connections. How will data usage affect costs per site – are you making money? While most SD-WAN vendors average a Gig of usage per month, CloudAccess only uses 250MB per month. This is more than acceptable to confidently provide your customers with Cellular connections such as 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G using data caps. Mitigate extra Data usage costs and provide your customers with peace of mind.

4. What is the max throughput for hardware?

Hardware Max Throughput CPE

Channel Bonding hardware capabilities and costs can determine pricing and market penetration. Sourcing hardware and controlling costs is crucial when deciding price points. But what kind of performance are you expecting from varying hardware options available today? CloudAccess runs on x86 devices with real world throughput of 250Mbps for Celeron, 750Mbps for i3 and 1120Mbps for i7 processors. Not only is throughput efficient with these processors, they are also cost effective. For example, an i7 device at $600USD or lower can achieve throughput north of 1Gbps. Other vendors require hardware at costs above $2000USD to achieve the same results, leaving you with little margin and out-priced for most markets.


5. How many IP addresses does a site need?

IP management reduction and cost savings

In the era of decreased IPv4 availability and heightened costs associated to them, any SD-WAN deployment needs to be efficient when using IPv4 at the controller and end customer locations. Can you afford to tie up unused IPv4 addresses? CloudAccess has demonstrated 400 non-WAN end costumers on a single server/controller. To deploy that many endpoints, CloudAccess uses a /23. Other SD-WAN vendors require as much as a /21 to support the same number of edge devices.
At $15/IP, the difference is about $18,000.


ISP’s looking to increase profit-margins, introduce stickiness and provide value in the delivery of services should be providing SD-WAN. By keeping these 5 questions top of mind, you are one step closer to making the right choice for your customers.

We’ve made it so that ISPs can “get in the game” quickly, with no upfront fees – ensuring that your SD-WAN ROI is, essentially, same-day.

We’d be happy to go through each of these in more detail and explain the costs involved in deploying and what we’ve seen the market accept in terms of pricing.

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