What CloudAccess users are saying

What MSP Partners are saying about CloudAccess

At Bestel our mission is to connect public and private organizations in Mexico with reliable, innovative, and disruptive services. As we pride ourselves in finding creative solutions to problems, we often find ourselves bidding on opportunities that other service providers can’t fulfill. One such example relates to a very specific video surveillance use case presented to us by the Public Safety Ministry. We needed to transmit five concurrent high-definition video feeds (requiring a minimum of 12.5 Mbps upload) using only two DSL connections with a maximum upload of 10 Mbps. Further, it was critical that the video surveillance would not go down.

To solve for this, we needed a solution that would bond the two DSL connections to achieve the required upload speed of 12.5 Mbps while seamlessly failing over to a LTE wireless connection should the DSL’s go offline. The service providers we initially worked with could not get all five camera’s working at the same time, nor could they maintain the video feed when the primary connection failed.

After a lengthy search, we found Ethica. Ethica’s CloudAccess solution provided us with uninterrupted picture-perfect video quality to all five cameras’ leveraging the limited upload capability of the two DSL connections. The failover was seamless, ensuring we didn’t lose the video. We are happy and would recommend anyone who needs quality video with low bandwidth limitations to use Ethica solutions.

Gerardo Barragan

Government Commercial Director, Bestel

Evolving Networks Canada specializes in designing, building and maintaining complex network infrastructures. We work with a number of large vendors (Fortinet, Cisco, Versa) to provide solutions for mostly enterprise clients. To open up new opportunities, we needed to find a solution to deliver core SD WAN/SD Internet functionality.

After testing Ethica’s CloudAccess solution, we found it is a unique offering in the industry by delivering a streamlined Enterprise-class feature stack focused on delivering reliable and available internet connectivity. We were impressed with the ease of deployment, seamless failover, enhanced security and throughput. Ethica provides a streamlined SDN solution which fills a gap in our current product line up.

Their solution allows us the option to use our own CPE or a fully certified Ethica CPE. As demand for SD WAN solutions grow, I would recommend Service providers consider adding CloudAccess from Ethica as part of their SD WAN solution stack.

Jim MacDonald

Managing Director, Evolving Networks Canada

What Online Retailers are saying about CloudAccess

As an owner of an online and retail business, the internet is mission critical. We cannot conduct business without it. Recognizing our primary internet connection does go down on rare occasions, we established a manual failover solution to minimize disruption when our main link fails. Unfortunately this current solution relies on trained staff to be onsite and able follow the manual process to activate the backup link. With online ordering and time zone changes, this is not always possible. With the solution from Ethica I now have instant and seamless failover when needed at each of my two locations, giving us the confidence to focus on the business. For enhanced security, we set up the two sites in a WAN (closed and secure environment) so we could access machines without opening a separate port to the public internet. The seamless failover and enhanced security give me peace of mind to effectively manage and grow my business.

Scott Bradley

Owner, Flour Confections

As a coach, instructor, and business leader who spends much of the day speaking with customers through Teams or VoIP calls, quality and consistent internet is imperative. My home office internet connection was not as stable as it needs to be for my business. It degrades and even drops on a fairly regular basis. Nevada Learning needs to walk the walk and deliver a great user experience just like we preach to our customers.  With the Always-On solution from Ethica, I now have peace of mind that my internet will no longer hold us back when facilitating video sessions. We can now focus on connecting with our customers while growing the business.

We have also installed Ethica’s CloudAccess solution at the office. As our team starts to return, we can trust the internet will be available and fast enough to handle the growing usage. We now have the confidence to focus on the business and not worry about our internet going down at the wrong time. It is this confidence that will enable our team to focus on delivering the best possible solutions for our clients.

Brett Purcell

President, Nevada Learning Series

What Retailers and Restaurants are saying about CloudAccess

As a boutique men’s clothier focused on a positive and comfortable experience for our clients we need to provide personalized service and pay extra attention to detail, this is our brand and our reputation. When our internet goes down and we can’t process sales transactions and break this brand promise as our clients are inconvenienced, and forced to leave and come back a later date. With the solution from Ethica now our internet just stays up, giving us peace of mind that we can focus on servicing our clients and growing our business. I feel confident that going forward I can plan for an expansion of our service offering knowing we can have a faster and always-on internet as we scale our business.

Aaron Miller

General Manager, Bill Miles for Men

At Tabule we pride ourselves to be one of the finest middle eastern restaurants in Toronto, providing our customers with authentic home-made quality Lebanese food served with exceptional service. Through the pandemic, we realized that we needed to invest significantly in technology to better serve our valuable customers.  The reality of running a restaurant during COVID needed us to update our systems to work on a cloud based model where integration with third party partners became essential at times. When we were first approached by the Always-On internet solution from Ethica we were a hesitant, but soon after, we, among many other businesses, suffered an internet outage which disrupted our internet and to top it all, the phone service was lost as well. Orders from our online services and third party partners stopped printing in our kitchen, and orders did not flow through our online based POS. This was quite frustrating for our staff and customers. During this time, we recognized how important access to the internet truly was.  We immediately engaged Ethica and set up their solution.  We’ve had the Always-On Internet solution for many months and love the peace of mind it provides just knowing the internet will always be available.  The cost of having this solution is a fraction of what a short outage would cost our business, which makes it a no brainer for us to continue to use.   We would recommend Ethica to any restaurant that uses a Cloud based software and depends on the internet for it to work.

Rony Goraichy

Executive Chef, Tabule Restaurant Group

What Sports Facilities are saying about CloudAccess

At Barnburner Hockey Academy we provide a state of the art training facility to athletes in pursuit of hockey excellence, deploying cutting edge technology to measure performance and track progression. It would be difficult to promote technology as our competitive advantage and find ourselves in a position where our internet is offline. The solution from Ethica provides the insurance we need to remain online and provide the athletes and coaches with a world class experience. We investigated multiple solutions and found the Always-On solution from Ethica to easily be the most cost effective, offering high value for a fraction of the price of the other solutions. Not only do we achieve seamless failover when a link drops, we are able to combine the links when active to achieve speeds previously unavailable in our service area. With Ethica we are well positioned to provide our customers a first class experience while growing the business.

Rubsun Ho

Owner, Barnburner Hockey Academy