Small Business. Always-On.

Finally, a networking solution designed for small businesses around the world.

Introducing Ethica’s CloudAccess SD-WAN Technology.

Create an unbreakable tether to the Cloud.


ethica cloudAccess bonded internet

Bonded Internet Connectivity

High-speed Internet not available in your area?

Combine multiple internet connections to achieve the bandwidth you need to be more productive.


Backup Internet Connectivity

Backup your business with a standby connection.

When a connection fails or degrades, your network doesn’t. The backup connection will kick-in seamlessly and automatically.

ethica cloudAccess SD-WAN

Software Defined WANs

Having trouble managing your WAN?

Use CloudAccess to connect multiple offices over the internet, into a private, encrypted meshed WAN and share local resources as if each site was part of the others’ LAN.

For the Service Industry

For the Home Worker

For the SME

For the Remote Business

CloudAccess SD-WAN – No More Downtime.

Backup your Internet and create a super-reliable network tether, reducing downtime by



Ethica is working with Service Providers all around the world to end the Digital Divide.

The Global Digital Divide continues to widen. Half of the world’s population still can’t get online. Many others can’t get quality access to online information and services.

Ethica is doing what we can to give users around the globe access to the content they need in order to conduct their business in the digital economy. We believe in an always-on Internet and we’re doing what we can to make it a reality.


We’re proud to support two organizations committed to ending the Digital Divide:

World wide web foundation and Close the GAP Foundation

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