Powering Small Business Networks

Do you want an internet connection that’s blazing fast and never goes down? It’s time you got the best network solution you’ve ever had.


Powering Small Business Networks

Reduce the risks of lost revenue and customer churn caused by poor network quality. Get the best network solution you’ve ever had.

16 Hours

… is how long Rogers was offline on Friday July 8th, 2022.
Are you ready for the next outage?


Internet Peace of Mind

CloudAccess is the “set-it-and-forget-it” backup internet solution. Internet that is always available when you need it. The average internet connection is offline between 1 and 4 hours each month. Don’t let downtime hurt your productivity.

Plug it in, put your feet up

CloudAccess devices come pre-configured so you spend less time going through a how-to manual, and more time conducting your business. Delivered as a service, your provider becomes your network excellence partner.


What CloudAccess users are saying

When our internet goes down and we can’t process sales transactions, we are forced to ask our customers to leave and come back at a later date. With the solution from Ethica our internet just stays up, giving us peace of mind that we can focus on servicing our clients and growing our business.

Aaron Miller

General Manager, Bill Miles for Men

With the solution from Ethica I now have instant and seamless failover when needed at each of my two locations, giving us the confidence to focus on the business.

Scott Bradley

Owner, Flour Confections

With the Always-On solution from Ethica, I now have peace of mind that my internet will no longer hold us back when facilitating video sessions.  We can now focus on connecting with our customers while growing the business.

Brett Purcell

President, Nevada Learning Series

The solution from Ethica provides the insurance we need to remain online and provide the athletes and coaches with a world class experience. With Ethica we are well positioned to provide our customers a first class experience while growing the business.

Rubsun Ho

Owner, Barnburner Hockey Academy

We needed to transmit five concurrent high-definition video feeds (requiring a minimum of 12.5 Mbps upload) using only two DSL connections with a maximum upload of 10 Mbps. Further, it was critical that the video surveillance would not go down. Ethica’s CloudAccess provided us with uninterrupted picture-perfect video quality leveraging the limited upload capability of the two DSL connections. The failover was seamless, ensuring we didn’t lose the video. We are happy to recommend anyone who needs quality video with low bandwidth limitations to use Ethica solutions.  

Gerardo Barragan

Government Commercial Director, Bestel

The reality of running a restaurant during COVID required us to work with cloud-based third-party partners.   Ethica provided us with peace of mind with their Always-On Internet solution.  The cost of having this solution is a fraction of what a short outage would cost our business.   We would recommend Ethica to any restaurant that depends on the internet for Cloud-based operations.

Rony Goraichy

Executive Chef, Tabule Restaurant Group

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