Small and medium-sized businesses today rely heavily on cloud-based tools for day-to-day operations. However, limited access to fibre internet in many areas can be a significant barrier to productivity and growth, leading to slow upload and download speeds, unreliable connectivity, and increased downtime.

Bonding multiple non-fibre internet links provides a cost-effective solution to this problem, effectively increasing available bandwidth and improving overall internet performance. This technology can be particularly beneficial for businesses with high bandwidth requirements, such as video conferencing, live streaming, and large file transfers.

With the use of link aggregation bonding, businesses can bond slower connections to create one fast and stable internet link while ensuring redundancy in case of a link failure. This can help to improve productivity, eliminate controllable downtime, and enable businesses to deliver high-quality work to customers on time.

By bonding multiple non-fibre internet links, any small or medium-sized business can stay competitive in an increasingly digital world, leveraging cloud-based tools and applications to improve collaboration, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Ethica has created 4 proprietary bonding algorithms to optimize any type of internet link scenario. To learn more about these proprietary algorithms, click here:


Introduce Bonded Internet to any business with bandwidth or connectivity struggles

Introduce your own broadband connections to enhance existing connectivity for customers in need of bandwidth.

Don’t let existing contracts prevent you from making a sale

Win business and scale bandwidth for customers already under contract with other carriers.

Eliminate Downtime

For customers with poor connectivity, introduce Backup Internet Connections for redundancy with your existing broadband connections.


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With more professional services and devices relying on the Internet, Backup Internet Connections allow you to maximize bandwidth for your customers and guarantee uptime.

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