Application Management

With CloudAccess, you can prioritize traffic to ensure that mission-critical applications receive the highest level of service, regardless of network conditions. This means that your customers can rely on consistent performance and availability, even during peak usage times or when network congestion is high.

At the same time, you can use application deprioritization to ensure that non-critical applications don’t interfere with more important traffic. For example, you may choose to deprioritize social media or web browsing during business hours, so that bandwidth is available for more critical applications.

In addition to prioritizing and deprioritizing applications, CloudAccess includes QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities that allow you to guarantee a certain level of service for specific applications. For example, you can use QoS to prioritize voice traffic, ensuring that call quality is consistently high, even during times of heavy network usage. This is critical for businesses that rely on voice communications, such as call centers or remote workers.

Overall, CloudAccess’s application management capabilities provide service providers with powerful tools to ensure that their customers have access to the applications they need when they need them. By prioritizing and deprioritizing traffic, shaping internet traffic, and layering QoS, you can ensure a high-quality, reliable service that meets the needs of modern businesses.

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app management

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