Optimize VoIP services with Last Mile analytics from ethica

Potential cost savings, flexibility, and scalability are behind the mass migration from traditional voice services to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) but it is not all roses. Any business looking at VoIP must understand the potential challenges.
1. Network congestion: VoIP systems are highly dependent on the quality and capacity of the network they are running on. If the network is congested or has limited bandwidth, it can lead to poor call quality, dropped calls, and other issues.
2. Latency and jitter: VoIP systems are sensitive to delays and fluctuations in network latency, which can cause voice packets to arrive out of order or too late, resulting in poor call quality.
3. Security risks: VoIP systems are vulnerable to various security threats, such as unauthorized access, eavesdropping, and denial-of-service attacks. Organizations need to implement robust security measures to protect their VoIP systems and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their communications.
4. Internet connectivity: VoIP systems rely on internet connectivity to function. In the event of an internet service disruption, organizations will lose their phone service.

CloudAccess cost effectively ensures our partners can offer best of bread voice experiences.  Operations will be as excited as the sales team when they gain visibility into the customers internet link health.  No more struggling in the dark to resolve customer network issues.  The sales team will be happy that CloudAccess offers application prioritization and split tunnelling to ensure only identified traffic reaches the voice head-end.

Take your VoIP business to the next level using CloudAccess from ethica.